Home button, Fabrizio La Torre
Saint Peters square Pillars Fountain carwash Statue of Saint Peter Three nuns on Saint Peters square Nuns and balloons Vicolo San Simeone passage Lady and child on street with small fire Lady with large bags on little street Small street San Simeone Flower vendor Small old arch Billposter hanging up posters Three vespas on a street A lamp store with dozens of lamps and chandeliers suspended out front Temporary stall Fishermen readying the lines Three monks Religious representatives in dress, talking Small boy with a toy gun looking down the street Boy about to throw a bottle Child next to horse and cart Street vendor heavily tanned Man resting on a trailer Man wearing a paper hat Three young gigolos Man with a black hat Small stall Old door of small stall Fountain with people walking past and leaning against the fountain Woman at fruit market stall Policeman guiding traffic at crossroad standing on raised platform Policeman guiding traffic at crossroad standing on raised platform Mover taking a nap on the street Two men walking down street with Rome obelisk in background A couple walking down snowy steps Snowy street with fountain Pulcino Bianco Snowman A woman walking away at the top of a staircase leading onto the main road