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Monde des Annees 50

“Le Monde des années 1950,” Brussels Art Edition, 09/ 2014.

For the occasion of the retrospective exhibition organised in Monaco, a hardcover book of about 100 pages, size 24x30cm, with bilingual text (French, Italian). An opportunity to discover, for the first time, the photographs taken in Italy, America and Asia. The book is filled with insightful text and captions that are rich with anecdotes about the photographs as well as the artist’s life.

Retail price : 28 euro

“Le Monde des années 1950,” Collector's Postcards, Brussels Art Edition, 2014.

12 collector edition postcards were produced of La Torres most iconic photographs. Available seperately or in a complete pack.

Retail price : available on demand

“La Vera Vita”, Silvana Editoriale, 01/2010.

Catalogue published for the Parisian exhibition at the Italian Institute of Culture, 17x21cm, 64 pages, hardcover, Italian and French bilingual text.

Price: 15 euro. Sold out.

“La Vera Vita”, Portfolio, Brussels Art Edition, 2009.

In advance of the exhibition in Paris, and produced with the assistance and support of XEROX, a portfolio of 100 copies, numbered and signed by the artist.

Format 23x30cm.

Limited Edition – Not for sale.

For further inquires please contact us.